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T Magazine on Montreal

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It's always nice to see our fair city represented in the international media and this time it's the T Magazine blog for The New York Times. Local designer Arielle de Pinto gives her overview of what to see and do in Montreal during the summer, where she says "it's two months of perpetual rejoicing." From Marché Jean-Talon to Datcha, here are some of the highlights:

"Among anyone I've talked to, Olimpico is probably the most famous coffee place in Montreal, but I just went into San Simeon for the first time this summer and it's really good! It's kind of new, not old-world Italy. They have this thing called the Malibu which is kind of a temperate cappuccino… a bit cold, and with the best foam I've ever had outside Milan."

"Caffé Italia is definitely a time capsule, and it's a real community spot. There are always a lot of narratives inside. I don't know if they're that frequently eaten, but the sandwiches are awesome. Everyone goes there for coffee and I'm not sure if people realize the sandwich that they could have had."

And finally on Bethlehem XXX:

"It's open late with great music and great videos playing. The owner, Brett [Stabler], told me he conceived of it as an A/V-themed restaurant before it opened. Beaver, the chef, is a Montreal fixture. He's been at a lot of great restaurants and been in a million bands. He's everyone's favorite. The restaurant is really well decorated, it's like a psychedelic Epcot Center without borders."

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