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Watch a Teaser of One Night Stand in Montreal

[Video: Miss Sugarpuss]

The Montreal episode of One Night Stand, a program that "follows traveller and culinary adventurer Annie Sibonney as she explores the food, culture and secret spots of the world's best nightlife cities", airs tonight on Discovery World at 8:00 p.m.

From the looks of the teaser (above), with Danny Smiles (Le Bremner), Stephen Leslie (Monkland Tavern, Tavern on the Square, Le Sieur d'Iberville) and Ryan Gray (Nora Gray), the episode takes a cue from others - Anthony Bourdain and Vice, notably - that have periodically depicted Montreal as a wanton bastion of multilingual Euro sensibility.

Burlesque performer Miss Sugarpuss observes after a set at Bar de Courcelle that Montreal has a "superb Bohemian culture of artists" and "a libertine nature at its core."

Restaurant and chef-wise, the One Night Stand episode also features the likes of Normand Laprise, Charles-Antoine Crête, Martin Picard and Jeffrey Finkelstein.

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Bar de Courcelle

4685 rue de Courcelle, Montreal, Quebec H4C 1S7