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The Taverne Midway Makeover Will Include Food

Photo: Eater Montreal

Bar vets Charles Landry, Maxime Boivin, Alexandre Théberge and Jean-Philippe Bouchard became tavern operators this past May with the procurement of the old Midway from longtime owners Albert Auclair and France Taillefer. The bar has stood on the corner of Saint-Laurent and Ste-Catherine since 1927.

The Midway makeover was done with a measure of self-control: the space feels new yet familiar at the same time. The deliberate cocktail program compares with the best in the city and service is polished. Moreover, Landry reports that the bar, open seven days a week, will soon serve food as well.

"After the summer festivals end we want to introduce some small bites to accompany the drinks. Probably in September. And we will push 5 à 7s more, which I think will go over well for the people that work close by [in the Quartier des Spectacles]."

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Taverne Midway

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