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U.S. Media Frenzy Over All-Bacon Montreal Restaurant

Photo: Jägermeister bacon poutine, Brutus

Brutus, the new, suddenly "all-bacon" bar from Nacho Libre, drew the momentary gaze of BuzzFeed yesterday with this post. The bar, by the way, is still sans alcohol permit and recently lost chef Mitch Brown to Baron Samedi.

ICYMI, here's how Brutus' management describes the bar on Facebook:

Brutus is a gentleman. Determined, vigorous, refined and epicurean, he likes to use his hands. Get to know your new neighbour.

Brutus will be your friend, your confidant. A gentleman who will concoct tasty cocktails and delicious food in an atmosphere that is both warm, soft and cozy, borrowing some elements that remind us of the heyday of barbers. Beer, Bloody Mary, bourbon and bacon. Long live Brutus!

Even Good Morning America got in on the act.

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Nacho Libre

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Baron Samedi

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