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Schwartz's, Toqué! Top Global Media Study of Quebec Restaurants

Photo: Schwartz's

In "la gastronomie québécoise toujours victime de ses clichés", Métro columnist Audrey Lavoie writes about a two-year media study conducted by Influence Communication - "a media information broker" - on Quebec food and restaurants.

"Media coverage associated with Quebec food was very caricatured and did not venture off the beaten path," a rep for the company confesses to Lavoie.

The results of the analysis show that between June 2012 and May 2014 the two Quebec restaurants most cited by international media were Schwartz's (12.77%) and Toqué! (11.88%).

For the same time period, the ten food products from la belle province with the most media mentions were:

1. Maple syrup 19.68%
2. Wines and ciders 18.06%
3. Cheeses 13.90%
4. Beers 12.54%
5. Poutine 10.12%
6. Bages 6.3%
7. Pork 7 4.81%
8. Lobster 8 2.55%
9. Snow crab 2.27%
10. Smoked meat 2.27%

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