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Brunoise Duo to Reunite at La Petite Ardoise

Photo: La Petite Ardoise

La Petite Ardoise - a bistro staple in Mile End since 1981 - is about to get a revamp, courtesy the familiar duo of chef Michel Ross and Zach Suhl.

The two led one of the top restaurants in Montreal a decade ago in Brunoise, a Plateau gem on Saint-André which shut down in November 2007 after four and a half years.

Suhl told The Gazette at the time: ""We've been decimated by all the restaurants that have opened since then. We've been re-evaluating what our positioning could be, but there's no way we can reach a higher level in this space. Painting would set us back $5,000 and our estimate for new chairs and air conditioning was $30,000. I don't know how some restaurants do it."

Ross and Suhl also operated Brasserie Brunoise, across from the Bell Centre. It too closed, in 2009.

Ross went on to open Mas Cuisine, to significant critical and public acclaim. The Verdun restaurant on Wellington served its last customer on May 18, 2013. (And spawned this memorable, behind the paywall "day in the life of a Montreal chef" feature on Ross by Lesley Chesterman.)

Ross and Suhl's hiatus will now end with the relaunch of La Petite Ardoise. The bistro will reboot later this fall with a new name and menu, in partnership with owner Roland Boivin.

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La Petite Ardoise

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