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Daniel-Six Bros Go From Micro to Ma'tine

Photo: Ma'tine

Micro Resto La Famille was one of the irrefutable gems of the 2013 Montreal restaurant scene. The Eater Award victor made Gazette critic Sarah Musgrave's best of 2013 list and was duly a cut above to elicit this lede from Marie-Claude Lortie.

Je ne sais pas si je devrais vous en parler. C'est minuscule. Et je n'en dirai que du bien. Vous allez tous vouloir y aller, avec raison. Sauf qu'il n'y aura pas de la place pour tout le monde, c'est certain.

The formula behind La Famille's success was largely a result of the brothers Daniel-Six: on the sucré side, Maxime, and on the salé side, Jérémy. Server, natural wine geek and ex-Pullman sommelière Sophie Duchastel de Montrouge was also integral.

Then, suddenly, Jérémy Daniel-Six left La Famille in March. The chef took to Facebook at the time to assuage faithful customers: "Do not worry, this is not the last time you will see this Rasta chef in the kitchen. He has in mind new projects to be born by the end of 2014."

One of those projects, as it turns out, was Ma'tine. The new, métro Beaudry-adjacent restaurant takes a page from La Famille, as you can tell from this Facebook descriptor:

P'tit déj. sucré-salé en matinée.
Gâteau de voyage à toute heure avec un café.
Bistro le midi, pour ici ou pour emporter.
Vin nature pour s'enivrer!

A busy Maxime Daniel-Six spoke a bit today about the departure from La Famille on Gilford for the new digs in the Village. Size, apparently, was not the problem with the original locale.

Did you open Ma'tine because Micro Resto La Famille was too "micro"?
No, it was never about that. We simply had some business disagreements with another partner, wine importer Cyril Kérébel of La QV. There is no bad blood at all, we just had different ideas about how to run and operate a restaurant. What is important to know is that we - myself, my brother Jérémy and Sophie Duchastel - want to bring that "La Famille" spirit to Ma'tine.

Ma'tine is open Tuesday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Have a look at the menus.


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