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KFC and Beer May Come to Montreal Soon

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Photo: KFC Canada

ICYMI, big news hit the fast food restaurant wire two weeks ago. Namely because of chicken and beer.

For the first time ever, avid KFC Canada customers will be able to enjoy a cool, crisp beer. Not at your usual KFC restaurant, mind you, but at a new fast casual concept from the house of Colonel Sanders.

"KFC Fresh hand crafted sandwiches and freshly grilled chicken wraps are stacked with taste that pairs perfectly with a cold beer. We'll be serving Molson Canadian, Coors Light, Coors Banquet and Heineken beers starting sometime this Fall," confirmed David Vivenes, KFC Canada's Chief Marketing Officer, recently.

Alas, the only two KFC Fresh locations in Canada, for now, reside in the Greater Toronto area. But Michael Van Horne, the Senior Director of Marketing for KFC Canada, tells Eater Montreal today that parent company Yum! Restaurants International's "expectation is to expand into other markets."

Like Montreal?

"We think [the KFC Fresh menu and beer] can work exceptionally well in Montreal. We absolutely think it has potential. KFC pairs naturally with beer."

Take note: the KFC Fresh menu is different from the regular KFC menu. Nonetheless, brace.

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