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Why Lester's Deli is So Montreal

Photo: Lester's Deli

In "Lester's Deli has true character," Gazette columnist Bill Brownstein - the man who wrote the book on Schwartz's - profiles the landmark pusher of deli fare on Bernard. With this quote, longtime owner Billy Berenholc conveys one of the keys to the Outremont eatery's success.

What's fascinating is that we can serve Justin Trudeau's family, and before that his father, as well as Bernard Landry, who is a very good customer, and Jacques Parizeau. We once had Daniel Johnson and his family come at the same time as Lucien Bouchard and his family — we just sat them at opposite ends of the deli, because we didn't want to stir up a political rivalry. And we didn't. Smoked meat is the equalizer, the peacemaker.

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