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Is In-N-Out Burger Eyeing Canadian Expansion?

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Will Montreal burger lovers be able to enjoy 'Animal Style' burgers in the foreseeable future? Maybe.

The fact that In-N-Out will hold a pop-up in Toronto today is not necessarily a precursor of a Canada-wide expansion. But it is cause for hope.

The cult California burger chain has held special events in the likes of Peru, Chile, Russia, Ukraine, England, Spain, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Singapore in the past.

After a pop-up in the Philippines, Brian Nakao, manager of special foreign events for In-N-Out (best job ever?), told a local reporter: "I would say the Philippines would be on that list, on my own personal list that I feel In-N-Out would do well in."

If the home of Jollibee is on the list of expansion candidates, the home of Harvey's must be as well. Because geography.

There is a possible snag, however, that may inhibit a northward push. As The Globe and Mail writes:

The chain is famous (or notorious, depending on where you live) for never freezing patties, and its slow expansion on the U.S. West Coast has been dependent on its production facilities in California and Texas.

Surely not the most difficult barrier to entry. For now, enjoy it while it lasts Toronto.

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