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MTL Cuisine Reboots Racines as Nolana

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Photos: Racines, Nolana

Racines shut down in August after nine months. Now we know what will take the place of the MTL Cuisine project. Nolana, a pizzeria and wine bar, will open sometime this fall at the same address, 444 McGill.

MTL Cuisine principal Jorge da Silva Jr. writes that "this project is no longer affiliated with my team at Venti. I have decided to team up with my longtime friend and designer, Agostino De Riggi from ADR Design. It's our first business project together. The design of Racines will mostly remain the same with just a few modifications to make it a more modern pizzeria."

ADR Design is the firm behind MTL Cuisine projects like Les 400 Coups, Helena and, indeed, Venti and Racines. The arrival of Nolana confirms that Montreal is in the throes of a pizza surge. Half a dozen new pizza restaurants have opened since June in the city.

As for the all-important question - wood-fired or electric - da Silva Jr. admits "we've been debating about that for over a month."

"We're looking at our options at the moment. It's not a question of budget but more a question of space. We hope to decide that within the next few weeks."

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