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Brace for All Nutella Bars

We smell lawsuit.

Photo: Eatella

Just as a world hazelnut shortage threatens to raise the price of Nutella everywhere, entrepreneur Ralph Khalil wants to import the suddenly trendy Nutella bar concept to Laval. Khalil plans to open Eatella - yes, Eatella - in the 450 in December, with plans for a second Nutella restaurant in Montreal sometime in 2015.

It seems tailor-made for a trademark infringement case. For one, there is the appropriation of the Nutella brand. Moreover, the name; a patent portmanteau of Eataly - the huge Italian market in New York from partners Mario Batali, Lidia Bastianich and Joe Bastianich, which itself has a Nutella bar - and Nutella.

This all happens, by the way, the same week as Nutelleria, another probable lawsuit victim, opens in Brooklyn.

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