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Have a Look at Le Café des Chats, the First Cat Café in North America

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Photos by Randall Brodeur.

The launch of the first cat café in North America drew a considerable crowd of feline enthusiasts — and more than a few curious onlookers — over the weekend. Reflecting on the proceedings for a subsequent Facebook postmortem, Le Café des Chats deemed Saturday's opening "an enormous success." While one observer did remark that the scene was borderline chaos and that "the cats were the most civilized out of everyone," mass hysteria over a coffee shop slash cat shelter will presumably subside once the novelty fades. But with another Montreal cat café on the horizon, not to mention this new dog café, that day may not come anytime soon.

Le Café des Chats

3435 rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, Quebec H2X 3L1 (514) 965-2138 Visit Website