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The Menu at Big in Japan's June Rose is INSANE

Your first glimpse at the new Chinese restaurant's all-you-can-eat format.

June Rose is open for business in the old Ginger
June Rose is open for business in the old Ginger
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Tastet , the blog from Le Devoir food critic Jean-Philippe Tastet and daughter Élise Tastet, is the first on the scene at June Rose, the new restaurant from Big in Japan in what was Ginger on des Pins and Saint-Laurent in the Plateau.

The interior from André Nguyen evinces throwback Chinatown charm. As does the menu. The $25 all-you-can-eat format ($20 off-peak hours) features a procession of classics made new again.

June Rose Menu


- Pickles
- Egg drop soup
- BBQ pork
- Pork and shrimp omelette
- Steamed Chinese broccoli
- Braised eggplant and pork
- BBQ pork and pastry
- Salt and pepper tofu
- Salt and pepper shrimp
- Black vinegar cloud ear mushroom
- Sesame rice noodle salad and shredded chicken
- Fried rice noodles with pork and egg
- Steamed rice


- Duck rillettes $7
- Steamed fish with black bean sauce $12
- Crispy pork $6
- Pork and shrimp fried rice with shrimp sauce $12


- Tofu pudding $6
- Poached pear with jasmine ice cream $8
- Sesame pastry stuffed with sweet red bean paste $5

On the beverage side there are wines and beers but the emphasis is on cocktails. Namely classics like a Harvey Wallbanger, White Russian, Singapore Sling and Sex on the Beach. All between $10 and $16.

Vote now: Will Big in Japan single-handedly revive the Chinese buffet in Montreal with June Rose?

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