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Saskatchewan Loves Laurent Godbout Apparently

The Chez L'Épicier chef gets a boost from the Prairies as he prepares for Bocuse d'Or.

Laurent Godbout
Laurent Godbout
Laurent Godbout

In "Godbout has his eyes on the Bocuse d’Or prize", the Leader-Post profiles Laurent Godbout, who was in Saskatchewan this past week for Taste Regina, as he prepares for the prestigious French culinary competition.

It takes a war chest of funds to compete at Bocuse. Outside of Montreal and Quebec City, only Regina has stepped forward to help him raise the much-needed funds to travel to Lyon, France. With sponsor backing and monetary donations, Godbout will have raised $250,000 to battle against 23 other competitors from around the world. That’s small change compared to countries like Norway and Japan where governments get soundly behind their representatives and provide well over $1 million to ensuring podium finishes. Sadly, Canada’s competitor must completely self-fund.

Not entirely true. Canada's Bocuse d'Or team has some sponsors, namely controversial "premium casual" restaurant chain Moxie's. Godbout spoke about his link with the company recently:

Le lien est que j'ai remporté la partie canadienne de la compétition la plus importante au monde. La CCFCC [Canadian Culinary Federation] qui gère le tout a un sponsor principal qui se nomme Moxie's avec qui je devrai faire des apparitions et une quinzaine de recettes. Voilà le lien. Les pays d'Europe ont des budgets allant jusqu'à 1 million d'euro et nous avons à date Moxie's. Si jamais vous pouvez nous aider à amasser 200,000$ (objectif visé) je pourrai avec plaisir vous rencontrer et en discuter.

The Bocuse d'Or will take place in Lyon at the end of January.

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