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The Ethical Butcher Gives Mile End Bacon & Mason

So long Boulangerie & Charcuterie St Viateur. Hello porchetta di testa.

Berlin Reed, The Ethical Butcher
Berlin Reed, The Ethical Butcher
Berlin Reed

Boulangerie & Charcuterie St Viateur has made way for the hipstery-titled Bacon & Mason at 102 Saint-Viateur Ouest. The new "microcharcuterie" from principals Olivier Vormus and Berlin Reed - aka The Ethical Butcher - will focus primarily on pork products made in-house and from "des fermes du Québec."

Aside from sundry items for the charc board and "gourmet bacon", the self-described delicatessen will serve sandwiches, ribs and waffles and tacos and nachos. And are those two beer taps behind the bar?

Some more info on Reed, from his Tumblr.

Berlin Reed is a food warrior and radical food theorist bent on decolonizing cuisine. Berlin is also the butcher, chef and author behind the The Ethical Butcher, a group of projects centered around responsible meat consumption that ran from March 2009 to December 2011. After training as a butcher in Brooklyn, he was based in Portland, OR for 2 years. He then began a life of continuous travel, bouncing around the continent as a community chef/butcher and learning about local food scenes everywhere. He has poured his experiences as a nomadic ex-vegetarian butcher and renegade chef into a food memoir titled ‘The Ethical Butcher: How Thoughtful Eating Can Change Your World’, out on Soft Skull in Spring 2013. He is a charter member of The Butcher’s Guild and winner of the 2012 Master Case Competition. All the while, his veggie cooking skills never faltered and he’s known to whip up raw, vegan and vegetarian dishes that rival his meaty ones!

And bonus, this video.

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