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Michelin Star for Ex Au Pied de Cochon Chef

The former Au Pied de Cochon chef is a Michelin man now.

Hugue Dufour
Hugue Dufour

The 2015 Michelin Guide star restaurants for New York City were made public today. The huge news for Montreal and Quebec is that M. Wells Steakhouse, the gonzo temple of carnivorous delights from Hugue Dufour (Au Pied de Cochon) and Sarah Obraitis, is now in the illustrious club with one star. Another Canadian chef, Daniel Burns of Nova Scotia, has himself a star at Luksus. In other Montreal-related news, Daniel Boulud (Maison Boulud Ritz-Carlton) has lost a star at his flagship restaurant Daniel.

In a one-star review of M. Wells Steakhouse this past January for The New York Times, Pete Wells wrote:

When we go to a steakhouse, we want to wrestle with our own appetites, to learn their exact dimensions. Luckily, confrontational portions are the way Mr. Dufour signs his name. I have eaten whole tasting menus that were less filling than the appetizers at M. Wells Steakhouse.

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