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Rosewood's Strange 30 Minute Film is Full of Dicks

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Screengrab: Vimeo

Rosewood, a new exotic burger cocktail rockbar in Old Montreal, released a short film on Vimeo this week, in conjunction with a company called

The thirty minute plus promotional clip features all the Rosewood principals - rocker Jonas Tomalty (see photo), Julian Arbia and Micheal J. Killan (Joverse), and bartender Dan Lima - going about their paces as they prepare to open their new restaurant.

Or, to put it another way:

"Four friends decide to open a burger joint in the supper club heavy Old Port of Montreal. It's a risk, but they pull it together with no compromise. Rock 'n Roll, fresh local flavours, and big dicks BABY!"

The dick thing comes up at the 4:35 mark of the video in this exchange with Killan and Tomalty.

Killan: "One cocktail was called Lollijack. It tastes like a lollipop and there's Jack Daniel's. So right away everyone knows what a lollipop tastes like and then there's Jack Daniel's in it [snaps fingers] - done."

Tomalty: "So the Jonas' big penis drink - out."

Killan (laughing): "I think that should be our showcase drink, to be honest."

It's not all lollipop cocktails and dick jokes, mind you. In one on-camera discourse, Lima talks about the restaurant group's hiring philosophy: "We tend to hire for personality and vibe rather than experience."

More excerpts of note:

Tomalty: "We're at an important time in Montreal right now. There's a lot of restaurants going up. A lot of supper clubs, a lot of concept places and to stay ahead of the curve is one of the most challenging things."

Arbia: "Il ya beacoup de similarités entre runné un restaurant puis runné un show. It's a show. It's always a show. Les gens vont a un restaurant pour les mêmes raisons qu'ils vont a un show."

But then it's back to dick talk again, this time between Tomalty and Craig McIntosh, a self-described international chef and entrepreneur.

McIntosh: "I'm here at 5:30 this morning and [Arbia] has fucking girls walking out. Dude, you're the rock star! Not him!"

Tomalty: "He's pretty good though. He's a DJ rock star."

"He is pretty good. You ever check him out?"

"Downstairs? With the girls? Oh he's hung like a fucking racehorse."

"He is eh? Fuck."

This is all before the ten minute mark. But don't worry. The not-so-thinly-veiled misogyny and cock references don't stop there. Because boys will be boys. Right?

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