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First Look at Mimi la Nuit from Stinco and Zaki

The old Piano Rouge will soon look very different.

Mimi la Nuit, the makeover of the old Piano Rouge lounge in Old Montreal, is well underway, thanks to Jeff Stinco (Mangiafoco, Rufus Rockhead, Le Shinji, Laurea, Lorbeer, Drinkerie), Edward Zaki (Chez Victoire, BarBounya) and others.

Zaki spoke about the project, set for next month, this past April.

It will be a wine and cocktail bar with an easy tavern, street food menu. We are aiming for a clientele of 25 and over, that are looking for the ambiance of a bar and the quality of food and wine that you can expect from a restaurant but all in simplicity and with no frills.More recently, Zaki divulged that the only vital detail people do not yet know about Mimi La Nuit is "not 100% confirmed" and "a good scoop."

Until that news drops, have a look at the work in progress.

[Photos: Randall Brodeur]

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