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Kyozon Opens in $5 Million Digs Downtown

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Photo: Kyozon

Kyozon, the new Asian concept restaurant from the Tom Nacos Group and Stambac International (Atelier Argentine, Wienstein & Gavino's, Newtown, Guido & Angelina, Decca 77), is now open Downtown on Crescent.

A statement from a PR attaché:

Kyozon was conceptualized and first conceived of in 1992 by co-owner Brian Bendix who lived in Japan for years and traveled extensively across Asia. The creative management team in partnership with Andres Escobar & Associates delivered the interior design.

Kyozon is owned by an association of passionate Montreal-based restaurateurs of which some lived, worked, traveled and invested across Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam. The key players are: Brian Bendix, Steven Elefant and Christopher Nacos. Philip Chang is the general manager.

Management has divulged scant specifics, if any, about the food. All the focus, thus far, has been relegated to concept talk (a Japanese-style sushi conveyor belt), cocktails and the expensive refurb of the 8,500 square-foot, ex-Hard Rock Café space. Cresmont Inc., a company registered to Christopher Nacos and Steven Elefant, owns the property (current municipal value: $5.13 million).

Kyozon is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and until 3:00 a.m. on weekends. The all-you-can-eat Asian tapas and sushi-go-round format starts at $17.

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