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The Dirty Secret Behind Foyer's Shutter in Saint-Henri

An insider comes forward with disturbing allegations.

Foyer in happier times, presumably
Foyer in happier times, presumably

Update: partner Daniel Lacombe talks.

It was reported earlier today that Foyer, a relatively new restaurant in Saint-Henri, would re-open with new management in place after four weeks off.

Now an anonymous tipster has come forward. Here are the allegations:

· Partners Richard Holder (Majestique, Holder, Bar Waverly and Brasserie Bernard) and Daniel Lacombe (M sur Masson, Eco-Logixx, Arsenal gallery) decided to close the restaurant to avoid statutory holiday pay, vacation pay and the usual week's notice for dismissal.

· Daniel Lacombe has refused to pay suppliers, saying that the restaurant is closed, when in reality he is re-opening on January 20.

· Employees are owed significant back pay.

· Partner Tina An was pushed out and blamed for a drop in business in November and December. The source says that An was in the restaurant six days a week and was a big reason for the restaurant’s early success.

· Some disgruntled employees have been threatened with lawsuits.

· One Marie-Christine Couture is listed as a principal in Foyer’s business registry. The source tells us today that "Couture was never involved. She is Daniel Lacombe’s girlfriend."

When reached for comment, ex-partner An wrote: "Unfortunately due to the legal proceedings that I am in the midst of, I cannot comment."


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