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Employee Describes Slave-Like Conditions at La Queue de Cheval

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An aggrieved ex-worker at the Downtown Montreal steakhouse comes forward.

Peter Morentzos (in blue) directs his staff at La Queue de Cheval
Peter Morentzos (in blue) directs his staff at La Queue de Cheval
Randall Brodeur

Update on January 26, 2015: Pursuant to a request for information, the Commission des normes du travail confirmed today that it has an active dossier on La Queue de Cheval that concerns unpaid wages.

If even a portion of the allegations below are true, you may want to re-consider any plans you have to dine at La Queue de Cheval.

The following, edited for clarity and to protect the source, is from an ex-staff member of La Queue de Cheval, whose owner is alleged profanity lover Peter Morentzos:

"I liked your last article on Foyer. The same thing happened at Queue de Cheval. We never got paid, even after hundreds of training hours. We cleaned the restaurant day after day and received nothing."

"I worked [x] hours a week but they paid me for [x] hours. Lots of complaints to [Quebec's] Commission des normes du travail but nothing came of it."

"The manager said it was in the hands of the accountant. Bullshit. She never answered me. None of the staff had their training hours and missing hours recognized. We went there day after day to make his place ready, to clean his restaurant and never received a dollar for it. And we had to pay our parking and lunch."

Slavery ended a long time ago.

"I worked in many places but at Queue de Cheval, wow. Slavery ended a long time ago."

"It was ridiculous. A lot of staff left. We worked 10 hours straight with no breaks for food. There are about 50 of us."

"I saw Peter Morentzos beating his son outside once. Peter doesn't want to pay any of us."

When asked what people should know about La Queue de Cheval before they eat there:

"I would say because the way employees are treated they should never go eat there. It's slavery."

La Queue de Cheval

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