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Nolana Pizzeria Fires Up in Old Montreal Today

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The MTL Cuisine group unveils the makeover of Racines.

McGill restaurant row gets pizza
McGill restaurant row gets pizza
Jorge da Silva, Jr.

The wait is over. Originally slated for November, Nolana Pizzeria will finally open today in what was Racines at 444 McGill.

The restaurant marks another milestone for the MTL Cuisine group, which recently opened Commerce in the Bar & Boeuf space with, among others, Martin Juneau.

MTL Cuisine's Jorge da Silva, Jr. offered some details about Nolana yesterday. Here's the lowdown:

· The menu will have appetizers by the unit as well as some that are meant to be shared, family-style.

· While Italian, the goal is to incorporate as many Quebec-based products as possible.

· The wine list is mostly Italian but will eventually include more wines from Quebec and the rest of Canada.

· Nolana will be open 7 days a week, as of 5 p.m. The restaurant will introduce a lunch service either next week, as of January 26, or February 2 at the latest.

· Lunch service will consist of the regular menu as well as prix fixe two-course options between $15 and $19.

· In February Nolana will introduce takeout

Da Silva explained that in terms of décor, the base of Racines remains. With some exceptions.

"We modified some chairs, added a few Italian elements such as Campari/Aperol logo designs to the windows, some more casual [elements] such as bookshelves with antiques, an 80s Molson Export sign—vintage things to make the place feel like a neighborhood spot."

"On site, the restaurant is represented by our partners, Agostino De Riggi from ADR Design (the design firm in which we often work with) and his son, Gian Paolo De Riggi who is the manager."

And, finally, Nolana's food and wine menu.

Nolana Pizzeria

444 McGill, Montreal, QC H2Y 2G1 (514) 544-0344