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Luc Laroche Explains Why Misto Had to Close After 20 Years

Time to move on.

Solid run ends for Misto
Solid run ends for Misto

After two decades on Mont-Royal Est in the Plateau, Misto is no more. The restaurant made the announcement official yesterday.

For partners Paul Soucie and Luc Laroche, who also own Le Richmond in Griffintown and have new projects on the horizon, the decision to close was a pragmatic one.

"It was the end of our lease," says Laroche. "It was a 20-year-old lease. After 10, 20 years you reach a plateau with sales. It just makes sense to move on."

There has been a 30% drop in outside commerce in the Plateau.

"There has been a 30% drop in outside commerce in the Plateau. The Plateau is not what it used to be. I don't want to get political about it; it’s just a shift in the city. People are more scattered in different areas now."

"When Paul opened Misto, he was a pioneer like we are now in Griffintown with Richmond. I hope we stick around there for 20 years. But after that [laughing], I think we’ll be done."

Restaurant Misto

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