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Industria Brasserie Italienne Prepares to Expand

The executive chef explains.

Big plans for 2015
Big plans for 2015

Sergio Mattoscio is about to get a lot busier. The chef at Industria Brasserie Italienne in Griffintown will soon decamp for Ottawa to oversee a new Industria from the same ownership group close to Landsdowne Park. Here at home, two more Industrias will open by the end of 2015 in Laval and somewhere in Montreal. Mattoscio relishes his role as executive chef mentor but divulges that the job is no cakewalk. "To be completely honest, it's probably more work than when I was in the kitchen."

With nine months under his belt at the original Industria at Peel and Wellington, Mattoscio is happy with how the restaurant has been received in what was an otherwise empty pocket of Griffintown. "I'm surprised by how many people come. Our lunches have been good and our January has been strong so far. We're still doing Christmas groups and late holiday parties. I know a lot of pizzerias opened in Montreal over the last year but I'm very proud of our dough. We worked very hard on it."

Industria Brasserie Italienne

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