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Tax Man Targets Toqué! Chef Normand Laprise

At the home of the original Toqué!.

Inside Cocagne on Saint-Denis
Inside Cocagne on Saint-Denis
Patricia Brochu

Le Journal de Montréal reports today that Toqué! chef-owner Normand Laprise is in a skirmish with the provincial tax authority over alleged hidden alcohol sales of over a half million dollars at Cocagne.

Cocagne is the home of the original Toqué! on Saint-Denis. Laprise is a partner in the restaurant, along with Christine Lamarche and Alexandre Loiseau.

Reporter Jean-François Cloutier writes today (translated) that "the judicial dispute between Laprise and Revenu Québec (ARQ) lifts the veil once and for all on the real income earned by one of the most known and respected chefs in Quebec."

According to documents, Laprise declared personal income of $132,065 in 2006, $128,936 in 2007, $120,971 in 2008 and $107,509 in 2009.

Revenu Québec alleges in a complaint dated 2013 that Normand Laprise made "repetitive omissions" in his personal tax returns, in addition to evidence of "gross negligence."

The situation is so grave, writes Cloutier, that the agency has lifted the usual three-year limit on additional contributions from a taxpayer.

For Laprise, the personal setback comes mere weeks after he was named to the Order of Canada.

Bistro Cocagne

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