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Ontario Yelpers Love Moxie's Grill & Bar in Downtown Montreal

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Two culinary solitudes?

Moxie's offers "stylish environments and uniquely executed food."
Moxie's offers "stylish environments and uniquely executed food."

There are only a dozen Yelp reviews of Moxie's Grill & Bar (or Moxies Grillades Bar) in Downtown Montreal. The restaurant — the sole Quebec franchise in a Canada-wide chain from the same troubled family that operates Denny's Canada and the Dallas Stars — opened last April to much self-generated fanfare. What is notable about the Yelp reviews to date is that the only perfect scores have come from residents of Ontario. Locals, on the other hand, have been less enthused with the chain that promises "exceptional food quality, coupled with incredible service, at prices that provide excellent value."

Here are some excerpts from Moxie's Grill & Bar's five-star Yelp reviews.

"I don't understand why people in Montreal feel it necessary to use the word 'chain' as a pejorative. (...) I also don't understand the comment 'I didn't feel like I was dining in Montreal...' What does that even mean? If you go to a great Japanese or Indian restaurant I would think 'feeling like one was dining in Montreal' would be a negative. Celebrate the diversity of many different styles of restaurant and cuisine. They can't all be everything to all people and they can't all (thank goodness) be Toqué." - Dan C., Ottawa

"I came for a week visit to Montreal & was happy to see a Moxies (they opened I was told in April 2014). I've only eaten in the Toronto locations and have always enjoyed my food there. The servers speak English well and are friendly & efficient. My food came well presented, tasted delicious & is a good price point. It's not expensive. The other thing I loved was my food came quickly compared to the other restaurants I tried in this city!" - Marietta C., Aurora, Ontario

"Leading up to the opening of your Montreal location, both myself and my associates were excited to have the Moxie's open up close to home. Upon our first visit in the Montreal Moxie's, we were overjoyed to see your General Manager, Brendon Sequeira, as he seems to be a great leader to which ever staff he is delegated. It showed, as his quality of staff in Montreal was as fantastic as the staff he led in Mississauga." - Alexander B., Toronto

"Looks like I may be the first to write a review for this place. What can I say this Moxies has definitely taken the Ontario model and stepped it up a notch for Quebec. Typical Moxies uniform standards/expectations keeps the eyes occupied...! Very impressive and certainly no complaints! This place rocks. This is the first Moxies in Quebec and they are 100% committed to looking after the diners." - David T., Hamilton

One Montrealer was sufficiently impressed to give the restaurant four stars.

"It's noisy but a it's a chic place and they have chic foods as well lol. You gonna like it, it will make you feel classy :D" - Aria P.

Moxies Grillades Bar

1207 rue University, Montreal, QC H3B 3A7 (514) 393-1207 Visit Website