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This 1968 Review of Miss Montreal is Everything

Revisit the classic restaurant on Decarie on the occasion of this Classics Week lamented restaurants Power Hour.

We miss the Miss
We miss the Miss

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"Miss Montreal — Queen of the Decarie Dining Strip," reads the headline. The 1968 write-up of the lamented Montreal restaurant by Gina Roitman for the Canadian Jewish Chronicle, begins like this: "For the last 35 years, one of the landmarks of the Décarie Dining Strip, has been Miss Montreal."

"Opened on Décarie Blvd, and Paré St. by Jack Blatt [in 1935], the Miss (as she is known to her devoted friends) has been one of the favourite spots of Montreal's Jewish population. To many, Saturday night is not Saturday night without an after-theatre supper, even if it means waiting in line. The loyal are never deterred or disappointed."

A few paragraphs later, the rave asserts that the old classics are as good as ever: "The Lantman's Special (a hot corned beef sandwich platter), man-sized sandwiches and skillet specialties, served piping hot right in the stainless steel frying pan, are the ties that bind the faithful restaurant-goers."

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