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Landmark HoMa Diner Chez Clo, After the Fire

The casse-croûte icon gets a nod for Classics Week Power Hour.

Chez Clo's menu
Chez Clo's menu
Benjamin Forjat and Nathalie Hurtubise

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Chez Clo was a fixture — a stalwart, neighbourhood standby that locals with a yen for no-nonsense Québécois fare could rely on, as of 6 a.m. every day. A favourite of taxi drivers and politicians, the diner tragically went up in flames in 2011, amid mysterious circumstances. The locale at 3199 Ontario Est was abandoned and squatters quickly took up illicit, temporary residence. In 2014, the borough of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve announced a plan to build apartments on the site.

Thanks to intrepid photographers Benjamin Forjat and Nathalie Hurtubise, you can catch a remarkable glimpse of Chez Clo here, albeit after the fire.