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West Island Smoked Meat Pusher Abie's Shutters After Two Decades in Business

Smoke Meat Pete and Delibee's now reign unmolested in the 'burbs.

The sun sets on Abie's
The sun sets on Abie's
Google Street View

A tipster reports today that longtime deli and smoked meat fixture Abie's has closed in the West Island. The restaurant from Abie Haim had been open on Saint-Jean in Dollard-des-Ormeaux for over two decades. A former website is up for grabs and a phone line is no longer in service. A Chowhound member also confirms the news.

Abie's had fallen on hard times as far back as late 2013, when a fire and subsequent water damage closed the restaurant for over a month. Smoked meat-ravenous D.D.O. residents will now presumably take their tummies to Chenoy's.

Update: Abie Haim reports that Abie's "is in the process of moving into another location. Hopefully we will be in operation very soon and again start serving the best smoked meat in Montreal."


3980 Boul St Jean, Communauté-Urbaine-de-Montréal, QC