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Le Chasseur Shuts it Down in HoMa

First closure of 2015.

Le Chasseur serves its last in two weeks
Le Chasseur serves its last in two weeks
Le Chasseur

Mathieu Ménard, the owner of Le Chasseur pub in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, took to Facebook today to announce the shutter of his restaurant. Open since late 2011, the Ontario Est spot will now make way for a change in concept and management.

Here, forthwith, is a part of Ménard's statement, translated.

Dear customers,

It is not without emotion that we announce the closure of Le Chasseur, on January 18. The adventure was most enjoyable and, above all, constructive. After more than two years of sharing our passion, Le Chasseur leaves the area with pleasant memories in mind. Thank you from my heart for making this project a real success and actively supporting our vision to improve the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve scene. Do not worry, though Le Chasseur closes, the torch will be passed to creative young people who will satisfy your thirst for celebration and conviviality.

Long live the neighborhood! And do not forget to discover the new project that will succeed us.

Good luck to the new owners!

Mathieu Ménard, ex-owner of Le Chasseur neighborhood restaurant bar

Le Chasseur

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