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New HoMa Pub Le Blind Pig Mocks Utensil Lovers

The replacement for Le Chasseur is here. Choose your pun.

HoMa ham
HoMa ham
Le Blind Pig

In his announcement yesterday that his restaurant had been sold and was about to close, Mathieu Ménard hinted at a swift turnaround.

Do not worry, though Le Chasseur closes, the torch will be passed to creative young people who will satisfy your thirst for celebration and conviviality.

Long live the neighborhood! And do not forget to discover the new project that will succeed us.

Now, thanks to Huff Post Québec, we know that the new restaurant will bear the name Le Blind Pig. Principals include Antoine Ormandy and Rémi Dumas.

Ormandy attributes the moniker not to the animal but to the cops.

Several years ago on Saint-Laurent Boulevard there were some illegal establishments. The police were aware of what was going on and they closed their eyes. This is where the name of these establishments came from: the "blind pigs." This is our inspiration!"

Ormandy lives in HoMa and tells Huff Post that recent acts of vandalism in the area do not concern him. He and Dumas plan to offer affordable beers on tap and a menu of—wait for it—snack foods inspired by the U.S. South.

"There will be no utensils, strictly finger foods."

(Curiously, there is a dépanneur registered with the names Le Blind Pig and Le Cochon Aveugle in Kahnawake.)

Le Chasseur

3882 rue Ontario E., Montreal, QC H1W 3N6 (514) 419-2141 Visit Website