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Giovanni Apollo Laughs Off Restaurant Sale Rumors

Nonsense, says the chef.

Still here, reports Giovanni Apollo
Still here, reports Giovanni Apollo
Apollo dans l'frigo

Two anonymous, independent sources confirmed last week that chef, restaurateur and jocular media personality Giovanni Apollo had sold his restaurants. But in a Facebook chat today (portions of which have been edited for clarity), the man behind Apollo, Les Éclusiers par Apollo, La Buvette par Apollo and Le Bistro par Apollo was adamant.

"Belle rumeur montréalaise. Je travaille 80 heures par semaine. Suivez-moi une semaine et nous verrons sur quoi je concentre."

When asked why anyone would come forward with such news—one source even exclaimed, "I thought the transaction was common knowledge!"—Apollo countered with:

"Ça ne vous regarde en rien je pense. Mais encore une rumeur."

The brief exchange ended with this salvo from the rotund chef:

"Un question: avez vous déjà au paravant parler de l'un de mes établissement?"


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