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This Clandestine SoupeSoup Branch in Mile End is Kind of Adorable

Good for you if you knew this place existed before now.

A diminutive SoupeSoup outlet
A diminutive SoupeSoup outlet
Eater Montreal

A chance encounter with a sidewalk a-frame led to this discovery today: there's a SoupeSoup on the fourth floor of a random building on Casgrain and Maguire in Mile End.

SoupeSoup central, in fact, is located at 5333, rue Casgrain, but the lunch counter inside is so understated it's safe to presume that more than a few office workers have yet to stumble upon it.

A kerchief-donned worker explained that the restaurant that adjoins the commercial kitchen that helps supply the chainlet's locations has been open for a while. They only recently decided, however, to erect a sandwich board outside to notify people of their existence. A stripped-down version of the SoupeSoup lineup of soups, salads and sandwiches is available on weekdays.