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This is Your Chance to Endure a 20 Course Prix Fixe Menu in Mile End

Tonight at Callao.

Navarrete, Jr. gets all prix fixey
Navarrete, Jr. gets all prix fixey

Tasting menus ain't dead just yet.

The relentless Mario Navarrete, Jr. (Madre, Callao, the bygone Raza) is back at it tonight with his intermittent mesa10 dégustations at Callao. The guest chef this time around is John Winter Russell, who has restaurant plans of his own this year. Gilles Tolen and Stelio Perombelon previously collaborated with the plucky Peruvian at his restaurant on Laurier.

Navarrete reports that a few spots remain at 7 p.m. for the $145 20-course procession.

Treat yo' self.


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