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Jargo Bites the Dust in Hotel 10 After Less Than 8 Months

What will it take for a restaurant to succeed on the corner of Sherbrooke and the Main?

Jargo is a no go
Jargo is a no go

Jargo, otherwise known as JARGO chophouse & mixologie, closed for good this week in the Hotel 10. The property has been a bewilderingly and infamously troublesome spot for restaurateurs and bar operators since it opened, amid tons of hype, as the Godin a decade ago. The hotel was then purchased by Vancouver entrepreneur John Evans in 2007 for a reported $25 million and re-branded as the Opus Hotel. Five years later, Evans and the ownership group sold the property to Quebec-based Tidan Hospitality and Real Estate Group.

A spokesperson for the Hotel 10 reports that the restaurant is closed for renovations but independent sources corroborate that the shutter is, in fact, permanent. Partner Fabio Broccoli was not available for comment. The entrepreneur behind Fab Boss, a self-described "PR agency specializing in nightlife and lifestyle events", wrote this last May upon Jargo's launch:

We have been completely transforming the original space into a modern steakhouse with delicious funky entrées, side dishes, a sumptuous raw bar and our very own Montague "1800-degree" infrared broiler! Cooking to perfection some of the best meat you have ever tried!

To enter the restaurant from the street, you must first walk through our Illy Café which will be serving authentic Italian coffee, signature sandwiches, decadent desserts, viennoiseries, and Dr. Joe Schwarcz's Healthy Wraps and Salads!

I'm teaming up with my pals Sam, Salah and Billy Alfonso along with Executive Chef Niko Karagiannakis and the Nectar & Mixologie Crew!

This has been a dream of mine for as long as I remember and after working at this for years (as you all may know) this month, my dream will finally come true!

As of today, Hotel 10's website still includes a page about the restaurant, which offers this insight:

The name JARGO pays homage to the respected Montreal architect Joseph-Arthur Godin who constructed the building in 1915. Nearly 100 years later, the building is now home to JARGO Chophouse & Mixologie and the JARGO Café by illy.


8 Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2X 4C9 (514) 657-5656