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Ruby Foo's Hopes to Reclaim Some Relevance With Il Figo

Now open Décarie.

Bianca Nero's pizza oven gets repurposed
Bianca Nero's pizza oven gets repurposed
Ruby Foo's

Il Figo, a wood-fired pizza and Mediterranean restaurant, is open in the landmark Ruby Foo's hotel.

The chef, Christian Schwaiger, worked previously at New York restaurants like The Odeon, 50 Carmine, Sapa, Sumile and under Gray Kunz at Lespinasse. Schwaiger also ran the kitchen at the Beija Flor resort in Costa Rica.

Ruby Foo's has been too nostalgic on Instagram lately to announce the lacklustre Bianca Nero's replacement just yet.

Hôtel Ruby Foo's

7655 Boulevard Décarie, Montreal, PQ H4P 2H2 (514) 731-7701