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L'Orignal Closes Cantine L'Orignal in Old Montreal

Formerly Le Gros Jambon diner.

Cantine L'Orignal

L'Orignal's diner/canteen experiment is over. The restaurant has decided to close Cantine L'Orignal, formerly Le Gros Jambon, on Notre-Dame Ouest. "It's just not working, the headaches are the same as before. We're keeping the space as a catering kitchen though, and may decide to do something else with it in the future," divulged owner Travis Champion today. Le Gros Jambon was made over as Cantine L'Orginal this past summer.

On another note, a notable change has come to L'Orignal's kitchen. Champion reports, happily, that Ryan Dixon will helm the stoves, as of today, at the rue Saint-Alexis restaurant. Dixon was Champion's chef at the bygone Royal Merchant Tavern (which was sold late last year, and promptly revamped as Somwhr Liquor Lounge).

Cantine l'Orignal

286 Notre Dame O, Montreal, QC H2Y 1T7 (514) 282-3456


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