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Boswell Is About to Give the Plateau a Made in Quebec Brewpub

Craft beers, spirits, and pub grub.

Boswell Brasserie Artisanale

Boswell, a new wave brewpub, will open on October 24 in the bygone Buona Forchetta restaurant on Mont-Royal Est, between Franchère and Chapleau. The "Brasserie Artisanale" from Nicolas Paquet, brewer Philippe St-Cyr, and Olivier Rhême, will focus, as much as possible, on Quebec-made beers (20 on tap, with some made in-house) and food, and will carry quality ciders, Scotch whiskys, tequilas, and aged rums. The bar's wines will be private imports, for the most part, and the kitchen, led by chef Alexandre Fréchette (late of Les Éclusiers par Apollo) plans to serve pub food with a twist. Paquet reports that Boswell's menu will include beef bavette with chimichurri, homemade duck prosciutto, fish 'n' chips, beef and salmon tartares, and various salads.

More on the project from Paquet: "Philippe and I have been working in various microbreweries for almost ten years now. A few years ago we started working on our own project—our vision of a brewpub. Boswell will have about 100 seats, with no TVs, and no loud music. It's a laid-back place for people looking to relax and chat with friends. A place to taste good products from a dedicated and passionate staff."

Paquet adds that most of Boswell's servers have earned first-level Cicerone (think beer sommelier) certificates. The Cicerone program's website explains that this involves a "competent knowledge of beer storage and service issues as well as modest knowledge of beer styles and culture and basic familiarity with beer tasting and flavors and basic knowledge about brewing process and ingredients." With Le Sieur d'Iberville—a tavern-pub that shows all the Montreal Canadiens games on multiple screens—a block away, it will be interesting to see how the television-less, beer-centric Boswell fares with Plateau east residents.

Status: Boswell Brasserie Artisanale, 2407 Mont-Royal Est, (438) 386-4661, opens October 24.