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Meet Dev'our, Canada's Hot New Hipster Restaurant

"Food isn't just for eating anymore."

Dev'our's chef, Jeremy Perrin
Dev'our's chef, Jeremy Perrin
22 Minutes

The satirical minds at CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes have taken on a subject oh-so ripe for parody: hipster chefs. This sketch, starring Jeremy Perrin, the chef of a new pop-up restaurant called Dev'our, ticks off all the boxes, from beards to fey service indifference to Korean barbecue poutine sliders with bone marrow on toast. It's absurd, and yet, somehow almost believable. Go watch:

Check out Canada's newest celebrity chef and his restaurant, Dev'our. While we prep our election special for Tuesday night, we want to remind you that there will still be a Canada after the election. A Canada with artisanal restaurants and people who complain about them...

Posted by This Hour Has 22 Minutes on Sunday, October 18, 2015