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Former Joe Beef Cook Reforms Racy Montreal Restaurant

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So long, nudity.

Welcome to the new, fully clothed Le Coq de l'Est
Welcome to the new, fully clothed Le Coq de l'Est
Le Coq de l'Est 2015

A Montreal restaurant known for its 'serveuses sexy'—a.k.a. sexy waitresses—has been rehabilitated by Vanessa Beeching, and Omar Zabuair, previously a cook at L'Orignal, Tavern on the Square, and Joe Beef. Le Coq de l'Est has been rechristened by the couple as Le Coq de l'Est 2015, with an emphasis on rôtisserie chicken, and ribs. A tipster, not affiliated with the restaurant, tells Eater that "Omar Zabuair and his wife Vanessa are serving comfort food with a twist, and also serving an amazing brunch on weekends. This type of restaurant in the east end of Montreal is a blessing."

Le Coq de l'Est was not the only business in Montreal's Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough to blur the line between restaurant and strip club (or worse), but allegedly went too far after it was busted by police in January 2012 for staging erotic performances without a permit. Management declared it would nix the nude service schtick. Then, this past summer, the restaurant was sold. In 2011 the city put a stop to another HoMa restaurant's topless service after a seven-year legal battle. A waitress at Les Princesses told the CBC at the time that her tips were cut in half after the court order.

Status: Le Coq de l'Est 2015, 8803 Hochelaga, (438) 385-9455. Now open weekdays for dinner (save Monday), and weekends for brunch and dinner.

Le Coq de l'Est

8803, rue Hochelaga, Montreal, QC H1L 2N1 (438) 385-9455