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This Is Your First Look Inside Outremont Wine Bar Les Fillettes

Photos by Randall Brodeur.

What a difference a few months and new ownership makes. The old Paris Beurre is gone; Les Fillettes is here. The new buvette from ex-Paris Beurre sommelier Carl Champagne, and partners in caterer Pas d'cochon dans mon salon conserves the neighbourhood restaurant soul of Paris Beurre, but with more fish, seasonal vegetables, ethnic cuisine influences, and natural wines. Décor-wise the makeover is a definite departure from the predecessor, with a magnificent terrasse to boot. In a rave in La Presse, food critic Marie-Claude Lortie wrote that Les Fillettes was "de type bistrot parisien avec ses hautes chaises de bois tourné, et des plats comme les oeufs mimosas ou le foie de veau grillé donnent au restaurant des airs franchement citadins français." All told, a fine choice in Outremont, for lunch or dinner.

Les Fillettes

1226 Avenue Van Horne, Outremont, QC H2V 1K3 (514) 271-7502 Visit Website

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