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Hello Pub West Shefford, the Second Recent Makeover of Edgar Hypertaverne

In the Flèche.

Inside La Flèche, now Pub West Shefford
Inside La Flèche, now Pub West Shefford
La Flèche

Prolific Montreal bar owner Éric Le François (Taverne Normand, Bar de Courcelle, Notkins, Drinkerie Ste-Cunégonde, Philémon, to name a few) just hit the reset button on his old haunt, Edgar Hypertaverne. The popular Plateau boîte closed in 2014 after 13 years in business, only to reopen almost a year ago to the day as La Flèche. That experiment, enthuastically promoted here by Assassin's Creed model, and Québécois media personality, Francisco Randez, may have proved more of a broken arrow, however. As of this week, La Flèche is officially Pub West Shefford.

The switch makes sense. Le François, after all, owns the Bromont-based Les Brasseurs de West Shefford with Simple Plan's Jeff Stinco, and Christian Martin Proulx. Proulx, incidentally, is also a partner in the pub. The brewery produces three whimsically-named beers: a pale ale (Cette Sorte-là), a red ale (L'Autre Sorte), and an India pale ale (Les Trois Lettres). The pub will presumably carry them all, with bar snacks too.

Status: Pub West Shefford, (514) 521-4661, 1562 Mont-Royal Est, now open.

Pub Wes Shefford

1562 Mont-Royal Est, , (438) 386-1110