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Restaurants For Sale, Chef Shuffles, and More A.M. Intel

News and notes from the Montreal restaurant world.

Huge news from Guillaume bakery this week
Huge news from Guillaume bakery this week

· Beaver Sheppard, the chef at Bethlehemm XXX, has left the experimental Little Italy restaurant to concentrate on music full-time.

· Un café en un éclair, an all-éclair pastry and coffee shop that only just opened last July, has closed. Owners Laurie Gamba and Bastien Carrasco worked previously at Europea, Laurie Raphaël, Chez L’Épicier, and Mamie Clafoutis.

· Montreal restaurants for sale: Minced, a gourmet burger restaurant on Saint-Denis ($79,000); Westmount's Bistro on the Avenue ($245,000); Longtime Plateau restaurant La Raclette ($275,000); Prato Pizzeria ($295,000); and chef Mario Navarrete, Jr.'s Callao, formerly Raza ($35,000). Says Navarrete, Jr.: "I'm moving Callao to another location in the future. New projects next year. We're still open for events."

· Mile End's Boulangerie Guillaume is open seven days a week as of today.

· Summer is officially over—Kem CoBa is closed for the season.

Bethlehem XXX

6568 St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec (438) 382-9400