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Vandals Target Smoke Meat Pete, Owner Blasts Bylaws

Suburban unrest.

Smoke Meat Pete

Vandals recently had their way with two food trucks. The trucks, the property of popular Île-Perrot restaurant Smoke Meat Pete, were thoroughly defaced with red spray paint on Sunday.

Owner Peter Varvaro, who opened Smoke Meat Pete almost two decades ago, after an apprenticeship under his father, Peter Varvaro, Sr., at Main Deli Steak House, took to Facebook to vent his anger over the incident, and over the suburb's management: "Try putting in some street lights for the safety of people like we spoke about in our last city COUNCIL meeting? Oh ya it's not in the budget. Try painting a cross walk on the street for pedestrians. Maybe even put up a slow down for pedestrian sign. No let's put up no parking signs. And watch how fast everyone goes around that corner, especially the 18 wheelers who can barely make the bend. Let's wait until someone gets hit by a car."

Varvaro's exasperation also stems from the fact that the town recently decided he could no longer park his trucks in a lot across the street. Île-Perrot considers the trucks to be billborads, which cannot, by municipal bylaw, be visible on the town's stretch of Highway 20. Varvaro has been heartened, however, by the deluge of support from customers in the wake of the vandalism. Smoke Meat Pete's Facebook photos of the defaced trucks have been shared over 700 times. When prompted for comment, Varvaro said: "All I can say is thank you to my customers for there [sic] support. Without them, I would not have succeeded. So THANK YOU !"

Smoke Meat Pete

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