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Marc-André Jetté's New Montreal Restaurant, Hoogan & Beaufort, Opens Next Month

A blockbuster for Rosemont's Technopole Angus development.

Behold, Hoogan & Beaufort
Behold, Hoogan & Beaufort
Marc-André Jetté

Two months after chef Marc-André Jetté told Eater all about his new restaurant, it has a name. The Rosemont-Technopole Angus project will be called Hoogan & Beaufort, after the agricultural producers who sold the land to the Canadian Pacific Railway to make way for the creation of the Angus Shops in 1879. The original agricultural land was north of Rachel, and soon became a site for industrialization and production, most notably during wartime. Some hints of that industrialization will be evident inside the sprawling Hoogan & Beaufort, as Jetté recounted in September. The chef's partners in the restaurant include sommelier William Saulnier, who worked with him at Old Montreal's Les 400 Coups. Architect Kim Pariseau's firm, Appareil, is in charge of the space's transformation.

As for food, Jetté offered this much: "It’s important not to overcomplicate your first menu because there are so many variables you can’t control when you open a restaurant. You don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot. So you start slowly, and get to know your staff, your customers, your space. Then, once you have more control over your environment, you start to play. We were never in a rush to do this. We wanted to take our time and do it intelligently. And now we're almost there." Get all the details on Jetté's restaurant here.

Inside Hoogan & Beaufort

Inside Hoogan & Beaufort

Hoogan & Beaufort

4095, rue Molson, Montreal, Quebec

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