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Montreal Restaurant Arson Caught on Video

Police hunt for two suspects.

Inside Mediterraneo
Inside Mediterraneo
Mediterraneo Steak House

Police have released a video (see below) of two men torching a restaurant in the Montreal borough of Saint-Laurent. The incident took place at approximately 2:40 a.m. on May 26 at Mediterraneo, a kosher steakhouse. The business is registered to a Michael Elmaleh. Amir Toledano, another principal, and the owner of the restaurant's website domain name, made headlines two years ago when his restaurant in Montreal's Notre-Dame-des-Grâce neighbourhood, named, ironically, Fuego, was razed by fire. The alleged arson was seen by some media outlets as the climax of a Montreal kosher restaurant price war—a war punctuated by persistent Molotov cocktail attacks.

In a detrimental article published by the Toronto Star prior to Fuego's flare-up, Toledano dismissed the notion of a price war: "When the first [attack] happened there was no competition. So it cannot be a price war. And competition? There’s no competition." Toledano also told the newspaper—eleven months before his restaurant was firebombed—that "police testimony about [my] past and possible links to gang members" had "no bearing on the Molotov cocktail attacks against kosher restaurants" in the city. The restaurateur assured that there were "no outstanding concerns about his credibility," as he had subsequently been able to secure alcohol permits for other businesses.

In the video below, two men enter Mediterraneo’s patio area, and smash a door. The inside of the restaurant is then doused with an accelerant, and promptly ignited.


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