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Little Italy Gets a 'Dive Bar' From the Owner of Brutus and Nacho Libre

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Brace for Taverne Cobra.

Taverne Cobra, here, soon
Taverne Cobra, here, soon
Google Street View

Anthoni Jodoin, a partner in Rosemont bars like the all-bacon Brutus, Nacho Libre, and Das Bier, will soon open Taverne Cobra in the former Bar Populaire in Little Italy. Taverne Cobra's Facebook page discloses that the bar will "return to the source." Look, then, for a deliberate dive bar vibe with budget beers (Miller, Pabst, Coors, Laurentide), shots of Jack, and hot dogs. Jodoin hopes to open Taverne Cobra sometine next month. h/t Chowhound.