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New Montreal Restaurant Drops Foie Gras Bombs on Villeray

Le Gras Dur has food truck roots.

Le Gras Dur

A month after this teaser, a food truck's brick-and-mortar desires have come to pass. Le Gras Dur is now open on Jarry, corner Papineau, from principals Annie Clavette, Francis Clavette, and Stefan Jacob, the operators of the Das, Bacon, and Burger trucks. The restaurant's menu serves as a retro homage, of sorts, to larded recipes of yore. As such, brace for call-your-cardiologist comfort fare like maple-lacquered pork belly, bacon chips and dip, burgers made with beef from butcher Le Marchand du Bourg, schnitzel poutine, shrimps and polenta, and foie gras bombs (a.k.a. croquettes). Save room for dessert if you dare.

Status: Le Gras Dur, 1660 Jarry Est, (514) 980-3663. Consult Facebook for hours.

Inside Le Gras Dur

Inside Le Gras Dur