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Landmark Montreal Diner Moe's Is Closed

Casse-Croute du Coin calls it quits.


The famed home of the Big Ed burger, 4 a.m. short order staples, and next-day hangover cures, will close after all, sadly. Months after Moe's Casse-Croute du Coin was put up for sale, the diner has announced its intention to close up shop on December 7. The heartfelt Facebook statement explains that management was "planning to sell and hoping that someone would be able to keep it going, but no one is interested in taking on the responsibility of owning a 24h diner as it is undoubtedly a lifetime of work." More here:

Eddie and all of the Thomas family would like to thank all of our regular customers. A lot of you have become part of our family over the years. We have grown with you. I know tons of you say you've known me and my brother since we were in diapers. I don't know that my childhood could ever have been better than what it was. We love you. And to the customers who weren't necessarily regulars: we love you just as much. Moes has been your home just as much as it has been ours and we are so sorry that this is what it has come to.

Please, please, if you have a sec, stop by sometime before we shut the doors forever, for old time's sake.

In the wake of the announcement, tributes to Moe's are pouring in. Follow them on Twitter here.

Update, December 7, 2015: Moe's is now officially closed. Here's the restaurant's Facebook farewell.

Moe’s Casse Croute Du Coin

2214 Maisonneuve W., Montreal, QC